The Conspiracy Theory Behind The Kukkiwon’s Dobok Fashion Show


That awkward moment when you don’t want to witness any new changes applied to a taekwondo dobok, Kukkiwon comes into the picture, throws a party at Kukkiwon Gymnasium and displays around 30 taekwondo uniforms of a new design.

According to Kukkiwon’s Instagram, the ultimate goal of the event was to present clear standards for the production of uniforms, receive feedback from the invited guests and get rid of any mistakes in the size charts.

Custom Katana

‘We have been trying to develop and spread Taekwondo Dobok for a few years now to meet the demands of the front line. Kukkiwon is ready to humbly accept any trial and error, and has been pushing forward with the development of Taekwondo uniforms, deciding that bold attempts are needed to advance Taekwondo. I hope this conference will be a valuable place for consensus with various opinions for the development of Taekwondo Dobok. ‘

Kikkiwon President Oh

Despite this loud presentation, Kukkiwon didn’t release any more information than that in social media, so we can only guess what are the true intentions behind such a grandiose performance.

Why would Kukkiwon want to change a traditional look of a taekwondo dobok?

The conspiracy theory suggests that by doing so Kukkiwon wants to claim the rights as a dobok manufacturer and prove that it can make good uniforms just like those certified by WT.

WT always emphasizes on the importance of purchasing a certified uniform but who

The rumors say Kukkiwon wants to stay firmly on the ground

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Written by Natasha Tu


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