Enjoy Taekwondo From Every Angle With 100 4D Cameras Installed At Tokyo Olympics 2020


Recently, sports fans may have noticed a new type of replay where the play stops and rotates to a new angle. Those replays have been made possible with technology from 4DReplay that has been shown by CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC Sports.

4D Replays enable four-dimensional, 360-degree viewing of movements with any shot, at any time.

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The WT President Choue at this interview to the Korean press has announced the installation of 100 4D cameras at Tokyo Olympics 2020, which will provide 360-degree “Matrix-style” scans of the athletes’ moves for video replays.

The system will excite many people, just like it excited me two years ago when we tested it for the first time. I’m sure of its success at Tokyo. Not only that, it will also make WT’s scoring system even fairer by eliminating blind spots

It is going to be an exciting sight at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (July 24-August 9) when viewers around the world will be able to experience the motion and watch spectacular acrobatic techniques along with ultra-accurate video replays.

The camera system was tested at the 2018 WT Grand Slam Champions Series at Wuxi, China, and the Championships in Manchester, the United Kingdom, in May 2019 and received positive feedback.

Taekwondo is known for its rapid evolution since it has become an official Olympic medal sport at the 2000 Sydney Games.

Given that taekwondo has introduced Protector Scoring System and Instant Video Replay to the game, it is clear that WT has a history of innovation when it comes to fairness and transparency.

Another reason why Taekwondo might be one of the first sports testing and adopting the 4D camera replays is due to the origins of the 4DReplay company that has been created in South Korea and is a part of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre startup incubator.

The company debuted its technology at the 2014 Asian Games. In the following years, it worked with broadcasts of Japanese and Korean baseball.

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Written by Natasha Tu


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